Moving on

Last Thursday was my last day in Walldorf. After nearly 3 years working at SAP it was time for me to move on. During this time I had the pleasure to meat many great people and to work on exciting technologies in the area of Modeling in the beginning to the domain of Cloud Computing in the end.

On Friday I then had my first day at itemis where I will work as a team lead, architect and consultant. I am very much looking forward to my new role. Let’s see what the future brings :-)

I will continue to lead the Program Committee for EclipseCon Europe in fall this year. Together with my colleagues I am looking forward to your submissions :-)

8 Responses to “Moving on”

  1. 1 Chris Aniszczyk

    Congrats Bernd!

    I look forward to seeing you in Ludwigsburg!

  2. 2 Lars Vogel

    Alles Gute Bernd und man sieht sich bestimmt noch oft.

  3. 3 Eike Stepper

    All the best, Bernd, and “toi toi toi” ;-)

  4. 4 martin

    Great, have Fun!!

  5. 5 Shaun Smith

    Congratulations Bernd! Great to hear your new job at itemis will keep you involved with Eclipse!

  6. 6 Hans-J. Brede


    alles Gute für die neue Aufgabe.


  7. 7 Kim Moir

    Congratulations on your new job! Glad you’re still working on Eclipse :-)

  8. 8 Ralf Sternberg

    Congrats Bernd, that’s surely an exciting position.

    Have fun and success there!

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